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Dragon’s Den Audition

"You should go on Dragon's Den!" Countless people have uttered these words to me during the 2 1/2 years since I launched Duzu Dates late November 2015. Of course in the first months, I didn't dream of auditioning as I didn't want to ask for $50 for 20% of my company.

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A Date for Everyone!

We often have potential customers open with the comment "I don't like dates." If we can get them to try a few varieties of our product, it is usually followed with: "Wow - I guess I do like dates!" Our taste experiences and our opportunity to talk to customers at the local

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Double Date anyone?

Our product line is growing and so is our community! We added "double dates" of our Decadent Date (almond-filled and enrobed in dark chocolate) and of our Date With Ginger (also in dark chocolate). Local coffee roasters Phil & Sebastian were the first to take a chance on this package

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Out and About

We are a small (but growing) business, but that means resources are limited. We wish we could be at every market everyday - but that's just a dream. Meanwhile, we LOVE being out in the community as much as possible, particular since we have a chance to meet so many

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