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Lorena Prakash, Owner, Duzu Dates
Lorena Prakash, Owner, Duzu Dates

It all started in 2012 following a trip to Dubai, UAE. It was here that Duzu owner, Lorena Prakash, discovered delicious and delectable dates, infused with caramelized almonds, pecans, crystallized ginger and orange, and often enrobed in chocolate. Delicious!! But upon returning to Calgary, Canada, she couldn’t find anything that remotely compared to these delicious and nutritious treats. When she couldn’t stop dreaming about these dates from the Middle East, she became obsessed with creating her own. She began to ponder – where do dates even grow?

Turns out, date palms thrive in dry, hot, climates, and desert-like land. Duzu Dates medjool and barhi dates are sourced from Aziz Farms and Oasis Date Gardens in Thermal, California. Bet you didn’t know there are over 400 varieties of dates in the world!?

After testing a variety of recipes in the market, we launched with our most popular and core product: Organic Medjool dates, filled with organic roasted almonds and enrobed in rich dark chocolate, or creamy milk chocolate then delicately topped with Pink Himalayan salt.
We are committed to work with the finest ingredients, and import the most succulent organic dates.

Duzu Dates believes in pure, natural ingredients that treat your soul and satisfy your cravings. Born from humble, health-driven beginnings, Duzu Dates is quickly expanding in Western Canada via local grocery chains, specialty stores and, with the help of online shopping, Duzu hopes to reach the entire Canadian market.

Duzu Dates practices unwavering excellence and commitment to consumers with discerning tastes. We believe that thoughtful preparation and natural ingredients create treats so delicious that it is easy to forget they are healthy. We want our consumers to know what goes into our dates (besides love) because your health and trust is important to us.


Our mission

    • Duzu Dates is committed to sourcing the finest ingredients utilizing equitable and fair wage practices. Our dates are superior in quality; healthy and irresistible.
    • Our mission is to make nutritious, yet indulgent treats that offer a healthy alternative to satisfy sweet cravings. We have developed simple recipes with few ingredients expertly combined to deliver a delicious product. Dates are not only rich tasting, but they are packed with nutrients that provide superior health benefits and boost energy levels.
    • We don’t just make fancy dates. We want to share our mindful balance between health and happiness in each hand-packaged delight. These delectable dates are the perfect afternoon snack, party favour, gift, or quick treat on the go.



The stories of Duzu Dates

The Story of Creation

As told by founder, Lorena Prakash.

I travelled to Dubai in 2012. This was by no means a business trip, but I discovered a variety of Middle Eastern dates for the first time. Infused with caramelized pecans, roasted almonds, crystalized ginger and orange, and begging to be coated in rich chocolate—it was love at first bite.

I returned to Calgary, Canada, with a few boxes of these divine bite-sized treats. Even after devouring the last one, I could not stop dreaming of those delectable dates. I began my search-I needed my fix of these delectable treats.

The Story of Our Growth

After creating and market testing some initial concepts, I moved onto new challenges: how would I package it? Where could I sell the dates? I wanted to share my creation, but I needed a name and an outlet.

    The Name: Duzu Dates

It took a while to uncover the perfect name! Exploration into the origin of dates led to this awesome discovery: Mesopotamia, otherwise known as Ancient Persia around 3000 BC. is where dates originated! In that era, the God of Food and Vegetation embodied fertility (new life). In the ancient land of Akkad, this God known as Du’Zu. At last – we found the perfect name and Duzu Dates was officially launched in September 2015.

The Story of Relationships

Dates are an ancient superfood, and one of the oldest cultivated foods in the world. We know that healthy living means more than just healthy ingredients. Duzu Dates believes in healthy relationships nurtured by mindful decisions. We have a very labour intensive product, and therefore a small, but dedicated staff committed to excellence. Our community approach to production and growth is one of the key reasons why Duzu Dates has gained such a welcoming following since inception. We love to share our values and achievements with our closest supporters, and hope this community-centred attitude translates through each box of our dates.

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