Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get the dates?

We currently import all of our dates from Aziz Farms located just outside of Palm Desert, California – more specifically, in Thermal, CA.

Are your dates Organic?

Our dates are organically grown, however our supplier has not sought Organic certification due to the expense.

Are all your other ingredients Organic?

We use only Organic Almonds, Organic Ginger in our two main offerings of dates. We do our best to source organic products whenever possible and not too cost prohibitive.

Are your dates Gluten-free?

Dates are naturally gluten-free, however, the production facility in which we manufacture our products contains gluten within the facility. We do not add any gluten to our product. We do have several customers who are celiac who very much enjoy our dates, but we do warn that there is a risk (though small) of cross contamination.

Are your dates Vegan?

Raw dates are vegan, yes. Our dates in Milk or Ruby chocolate are not vegan as they contain milk. Our dates in dark chocolate are considered Vegan Friendly. Effective November 2022, we have changed how we present the ingredients within the dark chocolate to be compliant with our supplier, Cococo Inc., and the bittersweet Barry Callebaut chocolate that they enrobe our dates in. Keep reading to answer more questions surrounding this update.

Why is Milk listed in the ingredients for Dark Chocolate?

We will now be updating our packaging to identify milk as an ingredient in otherwise solid dark chocolate. We are doing this only to reflect an underlying trace-level ppm uncertainty that we cannot totally eliminate from our processes, despite good manufacturing practices. This labelling change does not signify any purposeful inclusion of milk ingredients in our solid dark chocolate recipes.

Do you add milk to your dark chocolate?

We do not purposefully include milk as an ingredient in our dark chocolate.

Then why is milk listed in the ingredients on this product?

Due to our handling of other products that contain milk in our facility and on shared equipment, we cannot fully eliminate all traces of milk from our dark chocolates. Therefore, we are choosing to be extra cautious and adding milk to the ingredients list to keep our customers safe.

Are you the only chocolate company doing this?

No. Leaders in the industry are following this practice.

I prefer to purchase chocolates that fit into my vegan-friendly lifestyle, can I still consume your dates in dark chocolate?

Customers may still sensibly decide for themselves that our dates in dark chocolate make sense within a vegan-friendly diet. We ourselves believe that our “Vegan Friendly” products may continue to be a good option.

How should I store the dates?

Our chocolate-covered dates are fine in the pantry for 4-5 months. However, dates can be stored very safely in the fridge for 9 – 12 months, and in the freezer for up to two years.

If I’m diabetic, should I eat dates?

Please visit our Nutrition page and read the discussion on Natural versus Refined Sugars. As with any medical condition, please seek the advice of a physician.

If it’s warm outside, will the chocolate melt if I leave the chocolate covered dates in the car?

Yes, our Barry Callebaut chocolate is the finest on the market, and high quality chocolate will melt easily. However, it will harden again. The extreme change in temperature may create what is called “bloom” on the chocolate – a cloudy tinge on the surface. There is nothing wrong with the chocolate, it simply means the sugar crystals have risen to the top creating the greyish look that is visible.

I’ve bought chocolate before that doesn’t melt or “bloom” as you call it. Why?

Lower quality chocolate contains oils and waxes that prevent it from melting. We use only pure and natural ingredients with no additives, preservatives, wax, or oils.

Do you ship to the US?

Currently, we only ship within Canada.

What are the nutritional benefits of dates?

Please click here to learn about the benefits of dates!

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