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Is it Too Late?

Pack it up and tear it down - oh wait! "Can we still buy dates?!" I turned to look and although the Duzu tent was now at half-mast, two heads were peering underneath the very low tent as two people were crouched and bent peering inside. It had been

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Takes A Small Village

In 2016, we quickly found out it takes a small village to move mountains! We accomplished a lot, but not without a tremendous amount of help. We met amazing people with big hearts who truly just wanted to find ways to get our dates in more hands and mouths. Friends shared

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Find us!

NOW AVAILABLE AT BLUSH LANE ORGANIC MARKETS 617 Meredith Rd NE (Bridgeland in Calgary) 3000 - 10 Aspen Stone Blvd. Roots on Whyte Avenue Bldg, Edmonton Blush Lane Organic Market FIND US in WINNIPEG at: City Park Runners, 2091 Portage Avenue City Park Runners Whole Touch Wellness Spa, 364 Stafford Avenue Whole Touch Wellness

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