Our product line is growing and so is our community!

We added “double dates” of our Decadent Date (almond-filled and enrobed in dark chocolate) and of our Date With Ginger (also in dark chocolate). Local coffee roasters Phil & Sebastian were the first to take a chance on this package size and really got us on track to finalize our double package.

It takes more time than people realize to find the right package; develop the creative for a label; find the label that will work; and then there are the lovely little trays that the product sits on – these must be certified food safe for direct contact. Each detail can lead to days and weeks before a product is ready to hit the shelves. But they’re out! And we could not be happier about the response.

We also have these double dates at Mountain Mercato in Canmore . This lovely specialty food store in Canmore is worth the trip! Not only can you shop the market for several unique items, but also sit and enjoy delicious homemade soups, salads, panini’s and of course, yummy pastries!

It is at this location that we’ve introduced our new Play Date! This date is truly a taste experience with ground pistachios and almonds combined with lavender and lemon. Finally, we drizzle pure white chocolate on top! It looks and tastes like fun! This date can turn any bad mood around!