The Story of Our Growth

kitchen_workAfter creating a satisfying product, I moved onto new challenges: how would I package it? Where could I sell my delectable dates? I wanted to share my creation, but I needed a name and an outlet.

Let’s start with the name: Duzu Dates. It took a while to arrive here, but exploration of the origin of dates led to this awesome discovery: Mesopotamia—Ancient Persia—around 3000 BC. Dates are quite literally an ancient superfruit, and one of the oldest cultivated foods in the world. In that era, Tammuz, God of Life, embodied fertility. The name derived from the Sumerian Dumuzid, who soon became known as the God of Food and Vegetation. Dumuzid was later worshipped in the Mesopotamian Empire of Akkadia, and became known as Du’zu. Du’zu the ancient god of food and vegetation responsible for the rebirth of crops each season. By removing the apostrophe, the modern day Duzu emerged.

Each piece slowly fell into place, but with every question answered, ten more needed answering. The packaging, presentation, and products of Duzu Dates are constantly evolving to serve clients the most luxurious indulgences possible. Despite the continuous growth of the company, Duzu Dates aims to consistently supply products that our consumers love, and find opportunities to market test new recipes and concepts.

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