Millarville Farmer’s Market has been a lot of fun! We started Saturday, June 18th and continued through most of the summer. Regulars started to visit week after week, and on the weekends I wasn’t able to be at the market, I would receive e-mails from some of them missing their dates!

Some of our favourite comments often heard at the market were:

10. “I don’t like dates. Wait…maybe I do!

9. “These are good for you right?

8. “I love these dates.” (Me: What do you mean – “These” dates?); Visitor: “I buy these at the Calgary Co-op Oakridge location all the time!”)

7 .”I’ll bet my husband was just here. He loves these dates. He’s not going to share with me either.”

6. “What?!?! This is a date. It tastes like caramel. But it’s a date. But it tastes like caramel. Oh my god! This is amazing!”

5. “Girls!! Come here. I need to share the joy! You must try these!”

4. “I can’t believe my kids like these. They are the pickiest eaters.”

3. “I had no idea I even liked dates!”

2. (Silence) ….”I need a moment. Seriously.”

1. OH! MY! GOD!! These are the most delicious chocolates I have EVER tasted.